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Fatima, a young fashionable woman wearing a purple hijab, green top and blue jeans is standing next to Jayden, a trendy young man wearing bright and colourful colours and backpack. They're standing outside a convention centre where a line of people gather to enter. In the foreground an older, well dressed man in a wheel chair enters into the frame. Fatima says to Jayden: "Check it out. That's the keynote speaker." He replies: "For real? I have to talk to him."

Jayden says to Hugh (the man in the wheelchair): "Excuse me sir. I just wanted to say, I'm really looking forward to your talk on accessibility. I'm a big fan."

Hugh smiles at Jayden and says: "Nice to meet you, thank you for saying. I'm really looking forward to giving it." Waving a gleeful goodbye, Jayden says: "Awesome...well see you inside."

Hugh says: "Ummmm..." Stairs block his way.

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